Friday, January 22, 2010

Handmade by Jessica

Today I'm blogging about a sweet friend Jessica that I've known since my oldest was just a couple months old and she was expecting their first son. We did playgroup together for a few years, then they had to go and move away. But we still keep in touch, in fact we stopped by their place in Idaho this past summer. Jessica has been making the cutest things that you can buy right on her blog, check out what she has. Here are a few of my favorites:

Valentine cards just in time for Valentine's Day. Don't wait, get them Now!!!

A Charm necklace. You can show off your kiddos with a necklace with their birthstones, or pink for girls and blue for boys.

And finally the dinner planner. One Christmas years and years ago I made one for Jessica and my sisters because someone had made one for me. When we went to visit them this last summer Jessica still had it and uses it, amazing. She really keeps on track with knowing what's for dinner. That can be frustrating as the Mom, trying to figure out what to make. Anyways, she has made a new and improved version every Mom needs. Check out this on ABCnews, how you can save money by planing your dinners.
Now go check out Handmade by Jessica!