Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reversible Apron

It's that time of the year...bazaar season. I really thought I wouldn't do anything this year, but after I got my craft room organized, I got the bug. So here is an apron I whipped up, it's reversible. You can wear it front ways or back ways, or back ways or front ways, there is no front or back. You can tie the bow in back or the front. There you go! I hope someone will like it at Connie's bazaar, if not here is a peek at my sisters' Christmas gift.

(Photography above by my 4 yr. old, thanks Preston)

Here are some more, fronts and backs. I used Mary Engelbreit's The Caroler fabric.

If you want one for yourself or would like to make some for Christmas gifts, I'm working on putting together a tutorial. Think of all the cute fabrics out there you could use!
Tutorial Coming Soon...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We are finally in our new home, or at least new to us. We bought a short sale house that was not a short wait, but worth it in the end. This house was smaller than what we were looking for, but had many things we liked, especially location, location, location. But now that we have moved in, I just LOVE it, it's a great layout and feels like the perfect size after all.

We still have boxes to unpack and some organizing to do, but here is a little glimpse of some of my favorite things about this house. First, a little front porch to display my flowers and keep an eye on the kids.
An apple tree, with "the best apples ever", said the previous owners. Apple pies, apple sauce, yum, yum yum!!!

Windows and Light! I love a lot of natural light and this house feels bright, which was very important to me, especially here in the Pacific NW.

A kitchen with cabinets galore, a pantry, and an island. I'm loving it, but I see white cabinets in the future.

A nice white mantle around the gas fireplace.

A room to sew and craft in. I'm not finished yet but I did put up IKEA wall shelves.

An upstairs laundry room. My least favorite chore is laundry, but so far an upstairs laundry room seems to make this never ending chore easier.

Okay, now the real reason we bought this house. The master bathroom has it's own toilet room with a fan and a window that opens...double bonus!!!