Thursday, August 5, 2010

Easy Car Cozy Tutorial

These are a great gift idea for a little boy who loves playing with cars. Tuck it in your purse and when the little guy is bored waiting for a doctor appointment or whatever pull out this handy car holder with a built-in road. They are easy to make, so I will try my best to give good directions on how to make one.

You will need: 2 black felt sheets 9" x 12", small piece of black felt (for wheel), small piece of white felt (for window), color of your choice felt (for car), yellow grosgrain ribbon, button (for wheel), black and yellow thread.

1. Cut your felt: Cut both black felt lengthwise 3" from top. You will have (2) 3" x 12" pieces and (2) 6" x 12" pieces. Cut ribbon: (2) 12 1/2 ", and (1) 13 1/2 ".
2. Sew your 12 1/2 " ribbon onto the edge of one of your 3" pieces lengthwise (see picture). Sew right down the middle of ribbon. Repeat underneath with a small gap between the top ribbon.
3. Sew 13 1/2" ribbon onto a 6" felt piece, just above 3", sew down the middle of ribbon about halfway down the felt. Loop the ribbon and sew (for hooking on the button to close cozy)
4. Sew your car holder pockets, by putting the two ribbon piece onto the 6" felt piece WITHOUT the ribbon. Divide into four pockets. Use a heavy duty stitching, so it's sturdy for the rough little guy.
5. Take the 6" felt piece with the ribbon: sew on your car, window, wheel (overlap onto ribbon), and sew on the button. Find a car pattern to trace for your car or freehand one.

6. Sandwich your pieces together: Right sides facing in, sew the car pocket, 3" felt flap piece in the middle, and car piece with ribbon (see above picture). Sew just along the top attaching the flap piece.

7. Sew just above seam, on outside. Now sew around all four sides with about a 1/8" seam. Now use pinking shears and trim the edges.

8. Vrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooooommm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!