Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Improvements

 We are making some home improvements before we really get settled in, some small ones and some bigger ones.  Here is one small project that made my kitchen happier.  I laid down new contact paper on the shelves in my pantry. 

Because this is what was on them (below).  A black rubbery padding that was stuck to the shelves that were impossible to clean with all the tiny holes filled with crumbs and such.

So I peeled them off and this is what was left.  I scraped and cleaned what I could, then added contact paper.  Now it looks much tidier, cleaner, and cute.

Now on to a bigger project.  Remember this?  We tore out the laminate floors that were in the formal living room, dining room, and den.  Personally, I could have lived with them even though they did look plastic-like.  But we'd much rather have real wood flooring.  Better do it now or never!

Formal living room with new flooring.  Tape is on because the glue is still drying.

Formal Dining Room.  Notice the banister.  We had to pick a wood that would work with our railing and front door, which is also wood.  It matches better than it looks in the picture.

Finally, the den.  By the way, we did engineered hickory flooring in golden brown.  In Washington most houses have solid hardwood flooring, but because of the dryness here in Arizona and concrete slab foundations, engineered wood is the way to go.

We are not done just yet, we have a few more projects coming up!