Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Alaina

Yesturday would have been our sweet baby girl's first birthday. She was born with a heart defect, Transposition of the Great Arteries, and at three days old had surgery and a 97% chance of survival and to live a normal life. Unfortunately surgery didn't go as planned and she passed away that night.

I don't want to have a depressing blog, so I won't write how terrible it was or feels, but we feel blessed to have had her for her short time here on earth. She was beautiful, she had my hands.

My sisters drew a beautiful portrait of her. Thank you so much Candice and Cherish.

We went to her gravesite and brought flowers. I love her headstone. I think it's important to have a headstone that reminds you of that special person you love. Her hand and footprint was hand carved to replicate a 3-D hand and foot mold we have from her hand and foot.

We love and miss you Alaina.


  1. Happy Birthday Alaina! I love you and am proud and honored the Lord let me meet you during your short visit to this world!

    I am very pleased I was able to draw the portrait of Alaina for you and your family, Christine. Thank you for the compliment on my handy work!

  2. I just came upon your blog this afternoon. My husband and his first wife also lost a little girl in the month of February. My heart goes out to you!