Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Finally Back

We have finished moving and are mostly settled in. Spring has arrived, the trees are beautiful and we even have seen some sun. We tried to take advantage of the sunshine when it came. Jason went for a bike ride and gave his bike a bikewash, Preston joined in.

Monday I really needed to go grocery shopping, but this bench has been calling my name for a while, it's been ready for a fresh coat of paint. So our tummies had to wait until Tuesday. The weather was too good to resist painting instead of shopping.



I've been craving bright fun colors lately. This aqua did the trick. Then I made this 'Happy Birthday' banner for our craft group at church. I think it turned out cute. You can buy banners at, she makes really cute banners.


  1. LOVE the bench, Christine. You are so clever! Did your church craft group make the banners or order them from emmie cakes? LMK
    Happy Easter!

  2. the banners turned out cute.. and the bench.. very cute! I love it, and that table runner, quilt looks so great on it! way to go..

    the picture of jason and preston is so cute! I wish the sun and warm weather would come back to stay!

  3. wow! glad I found your blog. You are so creative and make the most awesome cutness I have ever seen!!! Love the projects!