Friday, May 1, 2009

Yummy Waffle Cones

One of our favorite gifts my husband and I bought ourselves for Christmas one year was a waffle cone maker from Williams and Sonoma. Jason worked at Baskin and Robbins when he was in High School, so he considers himself a professional waffle cone maker. So after we bought it he went to Baskin and Robbins and bought a case (yes, that's a lot) of waffle cone mix. Now we make our own fresh waffle cones whenever we want.

One of our favorite ice creams, Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie, it's seasonal, which is probably a good thing for me.
Waffle Cones + Ice Cream = Happy Kids

You know when you enter an ice cream shop or pass by one at the mall and it smells soooooooo good. Thats what our house smell like when we make them, absolutely wonderful. A great gift idea!


  1. Tell Jason he WAS the best wafflecone maker. I think I will have to get me one of those wc makers, I think the grandkids would enjoy coming to grandma's house even more.
    Your boys are too cute with their ice cream cones.

    Hey, I came across a sewing blog you might like, it is:

  2. Christine, I remember you guys making waffle cones at Ensign Ranch. Am I remembering right? They were YUMMY!!!!

  3. I can almost smell them! Great investment.. next time we come down I think you should get that waffle cone maker going!