Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Candles

I have REALLY wanted red and white striped candles for years, but I haven't found any, except online. So I just finally realized I could just make them myself. I bought two white candles and used red craft paint to paint the stripes on. So easy and fast! I think I will do some with polka dots, and some green ones too. Yahoo, I finally have some now.

Something else I wanted to share. I made eight of these candle blocks for a church project, where we made gift baskets for some members. I think they turned out cute. Here is where we found the idea.


  1. OK, so how did you make the stipes on the candles? Very cute indeed.

    Also, I have decided to put the Santa hats (the ones you made for the bazaar) on my tree this year but I need to make about six more. What did you paint onto the fabric to make it stiff?

  2. That would be "STRIPES". I guess I can't spell.

  3. I used a 1" foam brush and with the red paint on it, I twisted the candle around as I painted it. The stripes are about 1 1/4" wide. I hope that helps, it's really that simple.