Monday, March 21, 2011

Flower Petal Easter Egg

I found the cutest Easter decorations at a shop at the beach.  Bunnies, carrots, and Easter eggs covered in hydrangea paper petals and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE hydrangeas.  So I bought a bunny and carrot, but thought I would attempt to make the egg myself.  Here is my version:

First, I bought a flower petal puncher, but I really wanted a hydrangea petal puncher, but the two shops I went to didn't have one.  Of course after I made this I found one at Michaels, so until I attempt this again, for now this is my first version.

What you need and instructions: 
Plastic egg (foam eggs, in my opinion are too expensive)
Ribbon (if desire to hang, knot and pull through existing hole on top of egg)
Modge Podge (first glue egg closed, and cover the egg with white paper to hide color)
Two coordinating paper, colors of your choice
Flower petal puncher (after petals are punched out, fold petals up)
Quick-Drying Glue (glue petals as close together as possible onto egg)
Fabric Paint in Bottle (dot the centers of flowers)
Paint or ink pad, slightly darken petal tips in desired color (or do this before gluing on)
Spray Adhesive (spray lightly before glittering)

Happy Easter Egg Making!

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  1. super cute! Kristin was just showing me something very similar! love that bunny!