Thursday, May 3, 2012

Family 2012

 Finally we had family pictures taken!  It's been 4.5 years since the last time we had our family pictures done, pretty sad.  Anyways, we did it and I'm so happy we did.  My good friend Tawnya took them for us and did a great job.  I saw on Joel Dewberry's blog their family photos taken in an orchard and I loved that.  So I really wanted to do ours in one too.  We have some friends who have an apple orchard and let us take them there.  It was perfect timing because the trees were in bloom.

Watch out girls for those bad boys!

Jason and I will be celebrating our 15th anniversary in a few months.  I picked a winner! 

Spencer, 12 (almost a teenager, scary)

Tanner, 11

Logan, 8

Preston, 6

 I just love my family!  By the way, I was sad that Picnik had closed, but I found a new favorite website for editing photos at PicMonkey, infact I like it more.


  1. Great photo's of your family. My those boys are growing up so fast and you are right, the girls will be all abuzz about those CUTE Davis boys someday.

  2. I LOVE your pictures Christine! I'm so glad you posted this on facebook, so I can keep up with you and your family. You look amazing and you have a beautiful family :) (You can visit my blog too @ Must be so different being in Arizona compared to Washington. I'm sure you will miss it, it's sooo beautiful there. Good luck with everything in AZ and settling into your new home.