Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Paint Colors

 We have almost finished painting the entire main floor of the house after eight gallons of paint.  We rented scaffolding so we could paint the high ceiling entry and install a foyer light.  Let me just say getting on the very top of the scaffolding was very scary.  I made Jason do all the painting up there, I only had to get up there to help him put it together.  I don't recommend it to anyone who is afraid of heights, I didn't think I was until getting up there. 

Most of the walls in the house are brown.  We are now in the desert and all the houses are brown on the outside, I don't know why it has to look like a desert in the inside too.  I chose three different colors for the main floor.  In this post I will show one color that I chose for the formal living room and dining room.  Picking out colors was quite the challenge.  I wanted to do it right the first time.  Colors always look different than what I had imagined once on the walls, but overall it has been a huge improvement. 


I chose Silverstrand by Sherwin Williams.  It is a blue gray color, which looks more blue than I expected, I thought it had a slight green tint to it, but I don't see the green anymore.  I do like it, it's a nice color.  By the way, the nice people at Sherwin Williams told me that they were going to have a 40% off sale on paint, so I waited for the sale.  I will ask next time I need more paint when they will have a sale.

I wish my camera was better at capturing the color better.

I will be posting about the other colors soon.

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  1. Great minds think alike ;) I painted my walls a VERY similar gray last year. LOVE it!!