Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spencer's Wish Comes True (Part 4)

Spencer's Wish Day was finally here.  There were two other Make-A-Wish boys who had wished for the same thing, to meet Stan Lee.  All three of our families were picked up in a H2 Hummer Limo.  There was plenty of room for all 14 of us.  Spencer was very excited!!!

While we waited to go into Comic Con, there were fun things to see such as R2D2.  He was like the real thing rolling around making R2D2 noises.  The guy controlling him let us get a picture with him.

Who doesn't like the Ghostbusters?

For those of you who are Doctor Who fans, there was a great look-a-like Doctor taking pictures with fans.  Our boys were the aliens coming after the Doctor.

All three of the Make-A-Wish boys finally got their dream come true, they met with Stan Lee in a private room.  All of them are great artist and wanted to show Stan their art work.  Stan Lee was great, he made us laugh a lot.

I love Spencer's smile, I can see how happy he is!

Spencer also had a book for Stan Lee to sign.  Stan said, "This is a good book, I know because I wrote it", of course we all laughed.  Stan was very kind to grant these boy's their wishes.  Thanks Stan Lee and Make-A-Wish!

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