Friday, August 16, 2013

A Tulip Quilt for Julianna

I recently finished my niece's quilt I've been working on for quite sometime.  We went to Washington in July and I wanted to hand deliver it.  She just turned 3yrs old yesterday, so I'm a little late on the "baby" quilt.  Her crib bedding I made a few years ago was with Moda's Soiree fabric by Lila Tueller, so I used a Jelly Roll in the same fabric to make her quilt.  It's close to a twin size quilt so she shouldn't out grow it for a while.  I love it, I think it turn out beautifully even with a few imperfections.  I saw an inspiration photo of a quilt and copied the design.  I free-motion quilted it and used a turquoise fabric for the backing.

Happy Birthday Julianna!


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL quilt!!! Oh my gosh, I just so happen to have a Jelly Roll in my stash. I love the idea and the white background is perfect, makes the tulips pop!

    Nice work and the quilting is fabulous!!

    How much background fabric did you need?

    1. Thanks Saimi! I don't remember how much fabric I used for the background. But it's with 2.5" strips just like the jellyroll. You could try 1.5 to 2 yards and get more if needed.