Friday, August 28, 2015

Jason's New Business Office

We moved to Arizona 3 years ago because Jason bought his Allstate Insurance Agency in Chandler after selling his agency in Washington.  As his lease was getting ready to expire he wanted to change locations.  After we searched for months, he found the perfect location in Gilbert that he was able to buy.  It's a few miles more east, closer to home, and walking distance to Cafe Rio (Yum!).

His new office didn't need much work done to it, but we always find a project to work on to make our lives just a little bit more stressful and hectic.  Here some of the before and after pictures of the few projects we worked on before he moved in.

The Front Reception Area 

We built his reception desk.  He really likes the industrial look and this desk was fairly simple to make, just time consuming.  We used different woods stained in the same color and had the steel counter-top custom made to fit.  He had the Allstate sign custom made in the nook that I painted.  I used the Sherwin Williams color Foggy Day that we had also used in our home office.
The Front Office Space

 This is a big office space, too big for one person, so Jason had the idea of building a wall to make two separate work stations. 



The next room is Jason's office.  The only thing I did was paint the accent wall.  We will probably put something on that wall since it looks pretty bare.

 That's all we did for projects!  There is also a conference room, an open area for his file cabinets, a small office, and a kitchen area that we left as it was.  If you live in Arizona give Jason a call, he's the best insurance agent, I know because I married him : ).

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