Friday, April 16, 2010

A Quilt for Aria

Here is Aria my brother Chris and his wife Emily's daughter isn't she adorable? I'm excited I will be flying to Utah this weekend to see them and friends. The last time I saw Aria she was just an infant, now she is a 1-1/2 yr. old.

So I have all this girly fabric and what can a mom with four boys do with girly fabric? My first project was a quilt for my niece Aria. Unfortunately this took way longer than I had anticipated. I did a lot of hand quilting along with machine quilting, and with my new sewing machine I was able to finally finish it. In case you are wondering what fabric I used, it's Sultry by Basic Grey, I used the pattern Arcadian Garden which uses a layer cake.

This is actually my first "real" quilt. I made a couple of rag quilts for my boys, but this one took a lot more work. I love the way it turned out, especially after washing it. I love the crinkle look.

You can see that every other square was hand quilted and the others machine quilted.

Finally for the binding, I sewed it on instead of hand stitching it on. I really like it, it's not going anywhere, very strong and way faster.
Now that I've done this quilt, I've started another one, and I can't wait to show you.


  1. it's beautiful Christine! love it! that is a lot of work-
    have fun in Utah- I am going next week....

  2. Hi Christine,

    Yes, totally okay to use the photo. :) In fact, I didn't even know you had a photo of you and her from the blessing! :) We're excited to see you and Aria sleeps with the quilt every night!


  3. You did such a good job, I love the colors. All of your sewing projects are adorable.