Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost Everything

I hope you all had a wonderful summer now that it's almost over.  When the sun finally decided to warm us up in July, I started to have fun, which is why I haven't been posting on my poor neglected blog.  Here are some of the things we did this summer.

We played in the water.

We actually got some tans.

We ate watermelon (actually I didn't, not a fan).

 We had a picnic at the Portland Rose Garden, absolutely beautiful.

 I couldn't stop taking pictures of the roses.

I learned how to crochet flowers (can you tell I LOVE flowers).

Checked out this book from my local library to help me along.

 My kids started school.  Yes, ALL my kids.  Never thought this day would come.

 Preston is in Kindergarten half day, so it's a good way for both of us to get used to him being gone.

I had the most perfect birthday!  I went to the beach with my amazing husband and our wonderful four boys.  The weather was beautiful.

There even was a car show, which was fun to see.

So that is our summer in a nutshell!  I really enjoyed it this year, I'm not ready for cooler weather, but I have to admit with school in session, my house stays cleaner.  Time to get ready for Fall now.

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  1. Christine, you are so awesome and have such a wonderful family! I love "catching up" on your summer. Also I kind of want to try to make some crochet embellishments, too. Wish you were still up here...miss you! Shawn