Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bad Luck Pants

My running pants are now officially unlucky.  First, last Friday I was out on my morning run when I turned the corner and a man was walking his two little yappy dogs.  We all kind of startled each other and the dogs were going crazy, so I went for the street to go around them when one of his dogs bit me in the leg, the leash was too long.  You can see the hole in my pants (above) and the bite (below).  The man felt awful and used a few swear words, I'm sure he was thinking, "I'm going to get sued".  But I told him I would be okay and kept running.

Then Tuesday morning I was getting ready for my morning run, pulled my pants out of the dryer and thought, "I can still wear these, the hole isn't very big."  I met my friend on the corner and we started to run.  We ran for only one block and started to cross the first street when the next thing I knew I was on the ground.  I had stepped off the curb wrong, twisted my ankle and landed on the other knee and my hand to catch myself.  So now I have a swollen ankle, cut up knee, and a dog bite.  These pants are just bad luck!!!  I'm suppose to run a 10k next Saturday.  Now if my ankle is better by then, I'll be out of shape.  I hope I will be able to run again soon, but if not, I guess I'll just have to sign up for another race.   

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  1. You just confirmed to me why I don't run. I am sure I would be in worse condition if I fell. I am sure 911 and an ambulance would be involved. But good for you for doing a 10k, I am very proud of you.