Monday, December 12, 2011

The Stockings Are Hung

I finally did it!  I made stockings that I'm happy with and so is everyone else in the family.  The first stockings I made for us was about 7 years ago, and they were just okay, so I've been wanting to make new ones that are a bit more fun.  Last year I saw really cute quilted stockings in Blogland, so I started making some for this Christmas.  Well, not everyone in our family liked them, ahem Jason, so I was determined to make some this year that we all mostly liked.  (By the way there are still three two quilted stockings left in my Etsy Shop).

Here is the fabric I chose from, they are Premier Prints.

Now presenting our new stockings...

Jason's is a bit boring because that's they way he likes it.

I added a ruffle to mine for a little femininity.

Spencer and Tanner wanted heel and toes on their stockings.

Logan loved this print!

And finally Preston's cute dotted stocking.

My amazing sister Caron embroidered all the names for us, thanks Caron.  I just love them!!!


  1. Christine, So many cute things you've been doing lately. Your stockings are super, and the lollipop trees are great. You are so talented and creative! Merry Christmas! Shawn

  2. I love how you made each one of the stockings different but they all look so nice and matchy-matchy.
    I love your header picture. How did you make it? Did you do it within blogger?