Monday, June 27, 2011

Kid's Artwork

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
My children helped me fill in the new frames in the living room.  We did some watercolor paintings together and they did wonderful artwork.

I've had my eye on a couple Etsy artist, who paint trees with dots, check them out Once Upon a Paper and Jellybeans.  I knew I could give it a try myself.  I love the colors.  I know I'm a copycat, but it was fun to do and more personal because I did it.

 I wanted to redo the the piano bench with my new updated living room, so I asked my boys what fabric they wanted.  They chose the zebra and I told them, "I don't think so".  But after a while, I actually kind of liked it.  I figured sitting on the zebra might encourage more piano practice (notice the "tail" on the right).  I think it actually might be working.

Here is a shot of everything together.  I love it, it's all so fun!!!



  1. Hi Christine, Im Loving your furniture!!! Those chairs and the lounge are gorgeous! AND your artwork is so so cute.. Ive thought about doing the silouettes. xx Thanks for sharing... How long has it been since your little girl died?? xx Its been 15 months for me and every day is still such a challenge. Are you LDS too?? xx

  2. Love your dot print.....more than the artists.