Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pillows and Frames

The picture frames are hung and the pillows are sewn.  Now I need to fill the frames with the kid's artwork and such.  I bought the oval frames at secondhand stores for the kids' silhouettes, I think they turned out cute.  The other frames I bought at IKEA, Ross, and one that I had on hand.  At first I didn't know if I should do the all the frames black, or white, but then I saw collages with different types and I think that worked out best for me.

Using the paper templates for the frames made organizing and hanging up the frames a breeze.  I'm happy with the arrangement.

For the pillows I ended up using an invisible zipper.  The first one I used a pocket method, but since a few of the pillows have different fabrics on the back, I wanted to be able to flip them if I wanted.  I stumbled across a pile of free decorators fabric samples last fall that I used for most of the pillows, you can't beat free.  I bought the pillow inserts at IKEA, which were inexpensive .  The pillow inserts were 20", but I wanted a smaller size, so I sewed the inserts smaller making the pillow more firm and to the size I wanted.  It actually worked out perfectly.


  1. Christine, everything looks great!

  2. Fabulous job Christine. Everything is so perfect. What are you planning on putting in the blank frames? I have seen where people have just put in pretty scrapbook papers that coordinate.