Saturday, June 11, 2011

Re-upholstered Settee/Sofa

 Out with the old, in with the new.

Remember this lovely sofa or settee I purchased on Craigslist last fall for $50?  Well after taking out a zillion staples, layer by layer, then stapling on new fabric, layer by layer (and yes, there was sweat and blood involved)...I'm Finally Finished!!!

Here is our new Beautiful sofa!  I used Crypton fabric, which is stain resistant and perfect for kids, but I'm not going to tell them that.  The color is called Bella Toast, a great neutral color so I can add some colorful throw pillows and never get tired of the color.

There were definitely some parts that were more difficult than others.  I had to do one of the curved arm pieces a few times, because the nails kept poking through.

 I sewed the cushion twice.  The first time the corners didn't align just right.  It took me all day to undo all the stitching, upholstery thread is tough.  Luckily, it looked right the second time because I don't know if I would of had the patience to do it a third time.

Since this was my first upholstery job, I learned a lot.  One thing that I've read, but would do differently is when you use the old fabric as a pattern for cutting out the new fabric, cut it a little bigger.  The reason is after the fabric is stapled on, some parts are trimmed up making it smaller, and if you don't have it perfectly positioned right it may not fit just right. 

 I've asked myself, "Would you do it again?", Yes, but not anytime soon.  I now have a custom sofa that I just love for less than $200.  I think it was worth it!


  1. Oh Christine! It looks great! :) What a terrific job.

  2. Seriously Christine I think you are the bravest mother I know. Upholstering a couch in white fabric with four boys...Very BRAVE!

    It looks fabulous by the way.

  3. Your sofa looks fabulous! I can't believe I came across this post. I've purchased almost the identical sofa off Craigslist myself and am looking to reupholster in Crypton, Bella Toast. Two small boys and a very handy husband calls for something super resilient. Can you please tell me how well it's held up? I'm scared to pull the trigger on this. Have a 40% off coupon I'm itching to use at Joann's to purchase the fabric by tomorrow, if I could only decide!